Welcome to Andersen & Brandon!

You might be wondering who is Andersen and Brandon. Andersen is my beautiful golden retriever and my name is Brandon. Like many people with their dogs Andersen is my best friend and I decided to start this website about him to help others learn about him and his struggle with arthritis and being overweight.

Here’s my favorite picture of Andersen playing with his favorite toy.

Andersen Outside Playing with his favorite toy

To start I’m going to share with you an important article I put together about how Andersen struggled with joint pain and how glucosamine has helped him greatly.

Glucosamine and Dasuquin are Helping Andersen’s Joint Pain

As many of you know, Andersen is an older dog and as he has aged I started seeing signs of arthritis. The vet confirmed by concerns and since that time I have been looking for different ways to help alleviate some of the pain that poor Andersen is feeling.

When searching for different things to give him and discussing different options with the vet, I came across glucosamine and Dasuquin as two of the best options for helping to relieve joint pain.

More About Glucosamine

Glucosamine is a supplement that you may have heard of as it is often used by humans to help ease joint stiffness and other symptoms of arthritis. Glucosamine is used to relieve arthritis in dogs as well as humans. The glucosamine that is available for dogs is similar to the human formulation and can be a great tool for fighting against arthritis no matter what stage of arthritis a dog may have.

Glucosamine is a natural compound that is found in the connective tissue and the fluid around the joints. The supplement form is a synthesized version of the natural compound. Taking a glucosamine supplement on a regular basis can provide many benefits to your dog including:

  • Pain relief from bone loss, arthritis, and muscle inflammation
  • Rebuilding of cartilage that has been lost
  • Improvement in joint movement and function

Once I started giving Andersen a glucosamine supplement on a regular basis I started to see some of the benefits. He had a bit more energy and could move better than he was before. Another great benefit of glucosamine is that it is a lot cheaper than some of the other pain medications that are on the market. In addition, it poses less risk of causing unpleasant side effects and it can be used with other supplements as it has less of a chance to react with them. It also doesn’t react with food or other types of medicines your dog may be taking.

Glucosamine can be taken by any age dog, but it is important to make sure that you talk to your vet about it so they can provide you with a dosage that is tailored to meet your pet’s needs.

Possible Side Effects of Glucosamine

While side effects are rare, there are some things to watch for when giving your dog glucosamine.

  • Allergic reactions: if your pet suffers from a shellfish allergy they may also have an allergic reaction to these supplements. A lower dose may be recommended or using a plant based formula instead.
  • Blood sugar interactions: the supplements can interact with blood sugar levels in your pet. Make sure that you consult your vet so the right dose is given.
  • Gastrointestinal upset: these supplements can be harsh on your pet’s stomach. Personally, I have found that giving Andersen his supplement with food helps to combat this.

More About Dasuquin

The other supplement that my vet recommended is Dasuquin for dogs. This is a dual synergistic formula that helps promote joint health in both dogs and cats. Dasuquin is made from all natural components that have been found to be truly beneficial to dogs that suffer from immobility issues and joint pain. Since the formula used for Dasuquin is all natural there are no worries about giving your pet any harmful chemicals.

Different Types of Dasuquin

There are several types of Dasuquin from which to choose. There are some that are designed to be used for cats and others that are better for dogs. The main difference between the two types is the ingredients used to make them.

Make sure to choose the correct type of Dasuquin for your pet. It is best to discuss the different options with your vet in order to choose the right one.

Dasuquin is available in chewable tablets that allow your dog to eat them without any issues. Andersen loves these tablets and I just give them to him with his regular food. If you put the tablet in your pet’s food bowl make sure that your pet actually eats the tablet and that it is not left behind in the bowl.

For pets that have trouble chewing regular tablets there are soft chews available as well. Soft chews are recommended for smaller dogs as they can consumed much easier.

Dasuquin is made using ingredients from avocados and soybeans. These ingredients have been proven to promote joint health in animals.

Studies of the ASU derived from the soybeans and avocados have shown that the supplement can lower production of different compounds that break down cartilage in dogs over time. It works by creating positive effects with other active ingredients in Dasuquin work together.

Benefits of Dasuquin

Some of the benefits of Dasuquin include the ability to help relieve many of the discomforts that are associated with arthritis. It is also easy to use and comes highly recommended by vets.

As you can see, both of these supplements have numerous benefits for your pets that are suffering from joint issues. I can attest that after I started giving these supplements to Andersen I can report that he is getting around much better. He also seems to have more energy and wants to do more than he did before.

If your dog or cat is suffering from any type of joint issue, I highly recommend discussing glucosamine and Dasuquin with your vet. Your vet can provide you with more information about the supplements and also give you a recommended dosage to use for your particular pet.